Where to buy Celebrity Clothes


The red carpet is a fashion nexus for all those styles obsessed. From designer to surprisingly affordable fashion choices, we all want to be wearing what our favorite celebrities are showing off. It might seem weird to buy pre-owned celebrity clothing, but it is possible. Some celebrities auction their clothing and other items for charity, some people acquire them by various means and post them for sale. It is also completely possible to buy celebrity styles right off the racks, if you know what nooks and crannies to look in, and have a sharp eye for deals.

If you need to own something your favorite celebrity has worn, signed or touched eBay is probably the first place to look. From pre-owned clothes to trinkets, accessories, and autographs eBay has an extensive collection of celebrity owned merchandise for sale. It even has a special section for charity, called Giving Works, where celebrities can post their used items or time for sale and can donate the money to the charity of their choice. This service is open to anyone, though obviously the celebrity items are very highly priced. But if you’re willing to spend the money on it a lot of things and days out are on the table. You have to keep a close eye out, but they are seriously

If you’re less into items, your favorite celebrity has worn and more into what they like to wear, many websites pinpoint designers and price points for the money discerning buyer. From a $13 top from H&M top rocked by Kendall Jenner to a Forever 21 denim romper favored by Vanessa Hudgens that retails for under $35, Harper Bazaars fashion section keeps you updated on everything affordable that celebrities are rocking on the red carpet, and on streets across the globe. It’s a good place to start getting a high fashion, low-cost celebrity wardrobe into your life. And let’s be real, we all need one of those.

If you’re less about street fashion and more set on those glamorous and formal red carpet looks, there are a few websites where you can find many celebrity dresses grouped together. From the bold but sweet looks of Taylor Swift to the more elegant, conservative looks of Tina Fey, you can get a variety of dresses for reasonable prices on places like starcelebritydresses.com. The lovely evening gowns, ball gowns, and shorter, flirtier dresses are a rainbow of colors and styles. It focuses heavily on the formal looks, but even some of those are bold and sexy, or casual enough for clubbing with your friends.

If you want style bumps from celebrity stylists and not just the photos that speak for themselves, like the Kardashians’ stylist Monica Rose or Selena Gomez’ Basia Richard, check out InStyle.com. They have a lot of short, sneak peak articles into celebrity fashion and clothing, as well as what all the hottest stars are into for this year’s summer styles. From bohemian travel clothes to relaxed, chic dresses InStyle has some good insight on what’s hot this summer for our favorite red carpet faces. Short and sweet and to the point, the core styles for this season are all present, as well as what is going to be looking hot for fall.

Believe it or not, Pinterest is also a wealth of designer names and prices for celebrity styles and outfits. A lot of fashion boards are dedicated solely to famous celebrities like Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, etc. Sifting through Pinterest can seem like a monumental task at first but it is a lot of fun, and a good portion of the time labels and prices for each item are included, usually with links for purchase. Not all celebrity styles will fall on the cheap side, but there will be some thrifty things there. The boards also give you a great way to save and catalog all the ideas and links you can find, so you don’t immediately have to make a decision on charging your card.

All in all, I’d say it is all about the time and effort. There are a lot of ways to find and match designer names or find cheaper alternatives to buying the clothes right off your red carpet favorites back. Both of these avenues are possible, and both of them will leave your style on point. So get out there and get shopping, fashionistas.

Mary Smith

Mary Smith has made a name for herself as a lifestyle and fashion correspondent. Her work highlights emerging designers and explores how culture influences fashion movements across the globe.