Charitable Celebrities- Who is Raising the Most Money for Worthy Causes?


While many celebrities live lavish and glamorous lifestyles, not all of them spend their hard earned fortunes entirely on themselves. Stars are known to be charitable with their time and money and often give upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy causes both locally and globally. 2016 and early 2017 were no exceptions to this rule of giving, with many household names funneling generous amounts into the hands of their favorite charity organizations.

Beyonce is outspoken about a variety of causes and charities, standing out as she brought the mothers of the slain young black men that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement to the VMA awards. She also generated $82,000 for Flint Michigan, still in the midst of a severe contaminated water crisis by asking for donations during her Formation tour. All in all, as an outspoken advocate for equality, civil rights and support for education, Beyonce stands as one of the most charitable celebrities of our generation.

Taylor Swift has also been generous with her money, donating $1 million dollars to relief for victims of flooding in Louisiana. That’s a huge chunk of change directly into relief for those in need of it, courtesy of the country music star. In the same vein, Supernatural star Misha Collins sparked his fans passion for charity, and they founded Random Acts, donating to local causes and charities in his name. Demi Lavoto, just growing into her fame, serves as the youth ambassador for Free the Children, advocating for youth rights.

Of course, well known for his large donation of time and effort into the Make a Wish Foundation and the Kids Wish Network, is famous WWE wrestler John Cena. He was named the second most charitable athlete in the world by, and he spends a lot of his time visiting with terminally ill children. Cena even donated nine million frequent flyer miles to Make A Wish, for their use. In his day he hads granted over 500 wishes and seemed to plan to continue to do so. He has also participated in ten of the twelve Tribute for the Troops shows, wrestling overseas for deployed soldiers, and seems to be an all-around stand-up guy. His ring gear even has a message, even sporting the bright breast cancer pink for the entire month of October once, and starting a scholarship for up and coming wrestlers for their new ring gear.

Among the top names of charitable celebrities is Chance the Rapper, in fact, the up and coming musician has made his voice quite loud in the quest to spend his money giving back to the community. He donated $1 to Chicago’s public school system, to help alleviate financial woes. His charity, Social Works, is giving an additional $10,000 for each $100,000 raised. He raises money to donate clothes to needy kids and helps combat gun violence in his hometown. The 23-year-old is working himself into quite the philanthropist and seems genuinely caring about the cause.

Lady Gaga is also very generous with her fame and fortune. She was the co-founder of the Born This Way Foundation, working to end the stigma around mental health and offer support to those suffering. Gaga also donates to and openly supports a large number of charities, including Artists for Peace and Justice and the Alzheimers’ Association. It’s also no secret that she is an outstanding advocate for equality for women and the LGBTQ community. She uses her influence well and stands among the most charitable stars.

Chris Pratt, better known as Peter Quill from Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy series, is also known for his giving nature. He donated $500,000 of his money to a community center built in honor or his late father. He and Anna Faris also handed $1 million to a charity that provides eyeglasses for kids in need, seeking to help children like their visually impaired son Jack. They have also given money to the neonatal care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angelos, and they have donated to the March of Dimes. He encouraged fans to buy “Fear isn’t Real” t-shirts to support a boy from his hometown, Joe Henson, medical fund during the midst of Guardians of the Galaxy promotions, helping raise more than $92,000 for Joes’ family, including a significant donation made by himself. In a bet between him and Chris Evans, star of the Captain America franchise, $27,000 was raised, and Pratt made an appearance at the hospital with Evans, dressed in full hero garb.

There are a lot more household names out there doing good in the world, these are just the few that are going above and beyond to use their influence to give back to their communities. So keep an eye on your favorite Twitter of the stars. Support your favorite celebs favorite charities with them, and encourage them to keep on raising their voices in the name of a good cause.

Mary Smith

Mary Smith has made a name for herself as a lifestyle and fashion correspondent. Her work highlights emerging designers and explores how culture influences fashion movements across the globe.