Hey Dude Shoes Innovates with Repurposed Wood to Support Kiwi Conservation


RIVERSIDE, Calif., June 11, 2019 / – In a bold stride towards sustainability, Hey Dude Shoes has unveiled a groundbreaking limited-edition shoe constructed from repurposed wood, merging eco-consciousness with their renowned comfort. A significant cut of the proceeds is pledged to the Kiwis for Kiwi Foundation, directly contributing to the preservation of New Zealand’s native birds.

Crafting Comfort from Conservation

Dubbed the most comfortable wooden shoe ever, Hey Dude Shoes’ latest creation is born from the beloved Wally design. This innovative edition employs farmed flex-wood material, a testament to the brand’s commitment to reducing deforestation and its cascading impacts on global ecosystems.

“We’re more than just footwear; we’re a beacon for social change,” announces Danielle Guidi, Hey Dude Shoes N.A. CEO. The company’s initiative extends beyond the product, fostering social consciousness and aiming to secure a greener legacy.

The wooden shoe is an artful blend of aesthetics and utility. Crafted from reclaimed walnut wood devoid of harmful substances, this footwear emerges through a unique wood processing technique that ensures each step taken is light on the planet.

A Step Towards Species Salvation

Collaboration with Kiwis for Kiwi is a cornerstone of this campaign. Once flourishing across New Zealand, kiwis now number a mere 68,000, dwindling by 2% annually. Hey Dude Shoes’ partnership signals a broader, more compassionate approach to business – one that reaches across oceans to address global environmental challenges.

“Hey Dude Shoes’ support is a lifeline for our national treasure,” states Paul O’Shea from Kiwis for Kiwi. The initiative operates under the compelling “One Pair Saves One Kiwi” banner, drawing attention to the wider implications of climate change and resource depletion on wildlife.

Treading Lightly, Aiding Mightily

With every pair of the Wally Flex-wood shoes sold, Hey Dude Shoes finances the protection of a kiwi for one year. This commitment underlines the potent role of conscious consumerism and the capacity of forward-thinking brands to make a tangible difference.

Customers intrigued by the Wally Flex-wood shoe and Hey Dude Shoes’ charitable work can discover more at their official site https://www.heydudeshoesusa.com/FlexWood.

About Hey Dude Shoes

Since 2008, Hey Dude Shoes has embodied an adventurous spirit, crafting shoes that are an essential part of life’s journey. The brand encourages living life to the fullest, embracing each day’s potential for adventure, be it in daily routine or extraordinary escapades. Experience the Hey Dude lifestyle and step into comfort designed for every walk of life by visiting https://www.heydudeshoesusa.com.

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