How Companies Are Giving Back


Celebrities are not the only ones promoting charities. Many companies see a need and find a way to help people. In fact, corporations make up some of the largest forms of charitable contributions across the world. Doing good is a global responsibility that many corporations take seriously.

Here are a few examples of how corporations are giving back.


Apple Inc.

Apple does more than make great smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They also have an amazing corporate giving program. They have an employee giving match program.

Apple matches gifts up to $10,000 a year made by full-time employees, and with over 80,000 employees, Apple has the ability to donate millions to great charities around the world.

To date, Apple has contributed nearly $80 million to charities worldwide through its matching gift program.

Warby Parker

Whenever you buy a pair of Warby Parker glasses, a donation is made to one of their nonprofit partners that’ll cover the cost of a pair of glasses for someone in need. They do even more. They not only donate a pair of glasses to those in need, they help train locals to give eye exams and sell affordable glasses to those who need them in developing countries. This helps the community’s vision of health and provides jobs and revenue to those who need it.

kyani giving


The health supplement company Kyäni is located in the heart of the potato country in Idaho. They provide a unique way of giving back. The create potato packs that are sent to communities that need support.The Kyäni Potato Pak contains over 15g of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals in a quick and easy to use pouch.These packs are high in nutrition and help struggling families around the world. This is part of Kyäni’s caring hands initiative. Learn more about Kyäni and their Caring Hands Initiative on their website.

Does your employer donate to charities or offer an employer contribution match program? Share in the comments below.

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