Play It Again Sports® Champions Community Giving and Sustainability


For athletes of every age, Play It Again Sports has become synonymous with sustainability in sports and fitness equipment. With a multitude of Play It Again Sports locations nationwide, they offer a community-centric place where used gear is not just sold but given a new lease of life. This commitment to environmental consciousness is paired with a dedication to local charity efforts, particularly their recent initiatives in Southern California.

A Hub for Sports Enthusiasts

Finding a Play It Again Sports store is easy, with numerous locations offering extended Play It Again Sports hours to cater to busy schedules. The brand has specialized in supporting local athletes since 1988, providing them with a simple solution for their sporting needs: quality used and new sports equipment at value prices, along with expert advice and assistance.

Play It Again Sports and LA Kings: Partners on and off the Rink

One of the standout charitable initiatives from Play It Again Sports is their partnership with the LA Kings, aiming to provide underprivileged youth access to quality sports equipment. This initiative collects donations at various community ice rinks, and the proceeds are dedicated to the Kings Care Foundation. By doing so, Play It Again Sports not only supports the local sporting community but also contributes to broader social causes championed by the foundation.

Exclusive Apparel for a Noble Cause

Selected Play It Again Sports locations have taken charity one step further by selling exclusive apparel previously donned by LA Kings players. This initiative is a dream come true for fans and a boon for the Kings Care Foundation, which benefits from the proceeds, supporting their initiatives centered on wellness, environmental sustainability, and inclusivity.

Beyond the Game: A Commitment to Community and Environment

The parent company of Play It Again Sports, Winmark – the Resale Company®, ensures that community giving is at the heart of their business model. Each franchisee, by promoting the resale of quality sports equipment, not only helps local athletes but also advocates for environmental sustainability. They actively participate in fundraisers, support local schools, and contribute to various causes, embodying the spirit of “Resale for Everyone™.”

The Resale Advantage

Choosing to shop at Play It Again Sports does more than just support local athletes and communities; it has a tangible impact on the environment. By favoring resale over new purchases, consumers help reduce waste and promote a culture of reusing and recycling. Each transaction at Play It Again Sports is a step towards a healthier planet, ensuring that sporting equipment enjoys a full and useful lifecycle.

For those looking to support local communities, reduce environmental impact, and find great deals on sports and fitness equipment, visiting a Play It Again Sports location is an excellent choice. Check out the Play It Again Sports hours to plan your visit and be a part of their remarkable journey of community service and sustainability.

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